Arkansas Tongue & Lip Tie Center welcomes any and all questions from professionals. For many years, doctors were told that tongue and lip ties were not something to be concerned with. However, research has shown that there are substantial benefits to fixing tongue and lip ties in children. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) created a policy in 2019 to make information and recommendations for accessible. You can view the policy HERE.

Here are some common questions we get from professionals regarding tongue and lip ties. If you would like to submit a request to speak with Dr. Aaron Forrester, please contact our office by phone or by filling out an online appointment request form and we will return your message as soon as possible.

Won’t a tongue or lip tie improve on its own over time?

Not necessarily. There are many things that can get better with time. However, we understand the pain and frustration felt by both breastfeeding mothers and babies struggling to nurse. We do not want something easily fixable, like a tongue tie, to discourage a mother from breastfeeding or a child to not receive the best nutrients they can.Most speech therapies do not account for tongue or lip ties and the tie could lead to more issues later on in life.

Are there really enough benefits for the baby or child?

Absolutely! Not only are there numerous benefits for the child but there are also many benefits for the mother and family members. In most cases, children eat, sleep and speak better. This reduces the overall frustration with everyday processes for all. We believe any time you can alleviate an impediment on normal functions there is enough of a benefit.

Will the procedure be stressful or traumatic for the patient?

The procedure lasts approximately 20 seconds. We feel that most of the time the patient is more upset about being away from mom or dad for that small amount of time than they are about any pain from the frenectomy. Most kids quickly calm back down and barely notice their small wound.

Are the issues caused by tongue ties really worth the money?

We believe that you cannot put a value on a child’s health. We are willing to work with insurance companies, create payment plans, and find ways to make the procedure affordable for all who need it.

How soon can my patient expect to see results?

Each patient’s result time is different. Depending on the case, some see results immediately while it takes others a couple of weeks. It does take the body and brain some time to adjust to changes.

How do I know if my patient needs a lip or tongue tie correction?

Our approach to frenectomies is very conservative. Arkansas Tongue and Lip Tie Center feels that each individual patient needs to be evaluated to determine the best course of action for that specific case. We do not believe that every case needs the procedure, nor do we believe that all concerns or problems are solved by correcting a lip or tongue tie. However, we do feel that an evaluation is worth the patient’s time. Our team will make recommendations for each case based on the evaluation.