After your initial consultation at Arkansas Tongue & Lip Tie Center, we will review Dr. Forrester’s findings and recommendations. If your child does have a tongue or lip tie, then what? Our team will review the options with you so that you can decide what to do next. If a correctional procedure, called a frenectomy, is suggested we will schedule the appointment and give you more information.

What is a frenectomy?

A frenectomy is a simple procedure that is performed in office to correct a tongue or lip tie. Also called a “release”, the frenectomy is completed with a dental laser that removes the tissue causing the tie in 20 seconds or less. Usually, there is minimal or no bleeding and no sedation or anesthesia is needed.

Immediately after the quick procedure, your child will be brought to you for recovery. Babies can nurse or have a bottle if needed. Older kids normally need a quick hug and then want to go play in the waiting room. We do ask that the patient stays around for a little while so that we can do a recheck before they go home. Dr. Forrester will let you know how the frenectomy went and will send home some exercises for the patient to do for best results. We will also schedule a follow up appointment, usually about a week after the procedure.

When will we see results?

This is a common question we get asked with frenectomies. Some patients can begin noticing results immediately while it might take others some time to see results. It all depends on your child’s case. However, the frenectomy procedure is a giant leap in your child’s process to better eating, sleeping and speaking.

It is important to note that the tongue is a muscle and it has trained itself to function with a limitation. After the procedure, because the limitation is no longer there it will take some time for your child’s body to adapt to the new movements. With nursing babies, some adapt quickly while it might take others a few days. Remember to be patient with your child and results will come!


If you think your baby or child has a tongue or lip tie, take our online quiz to share their symptoms with us. If you have specific questions about a frenectomy, please reach out to our office or schedule an appointment online. You can also check out our Parent FAQ page for frequently asked questions. We look forward to speaking with you!