Arkansas Tongue & Lip Tie Center welcomes any and all questions from parents. We understand that you want nothing but the best for your child. We do too! We also know that it is important to be well informed before making a decision about your child’s health. Our team is here for you!

Can parents be present for or watch the procedure?

You will be with your child up until they are ready for the frenectomy. During the quick procedure we only allow team members to be present for safety reasons. However, your child will be brought straight to you when the procedure is complete. Usually the procedure takes about 20 seconds.

Is my child awake during the frenectomy?

Yes, your baby or child will be awake during the procedure. (**Add sedation info if desired.)

Will it hurt my child?

The procedure is so quick that most children barely notice it. They are usually more upset from having to be still or having to be away from their parents. Since their mouth will feel different, they might be fussy for a day or two while they adjust.

Does the procedure cause bleeding?

The laser that we use is very precise and usually does not cause bleeding. The laser also cauterizes, or safely heats, as it removes tissue which helps prevent the very small would from bleeding. In some cases, there may be a small amount of bleeding depending on the size of the release.

How long will it take to heal? Do they need to stay home from school?

The wound may take up to a week to fully heal. We do check the would at the follow up appointment to be sure there is no infection and that all looks as it should. Most babies and kids return to daycare or school in one to two days.

When can I expect to see results?

Each patient’s result time is different. Depending on the case, some see results immediately while it takes others a couple of weeks. It does take the body and brain some time to adjust to changes.

What should we bring on the day of the procedure?

We suggest that you bring an extra set of comfortable clothes, any comfort item that your child likes, and something to eat.

How much does a frenectomy cost?

The cost of a frenectomy to correct a tongue or lip tie varies. Arkansas Tongue & Lip Tie Center accepts dental insurance and we are happy to review your coverage before the procedure. Our team members will present the costs before the frenectomy for your review before scheduling.

What are the risks?

The risks of this procedure are very low. As with any procedure, there is a small chance of infection. It is common for the surgical site to be red or inflamed for a while, but if the redness or swelling becomes worse reach out to us immediately.